A few thoughts from a local artist

A note from your neighborhood potter:

In preparing to write this blog, I found it difficult to send the business as usual, ‘come out and buy stuff’ letter that normally goes out. Over the past few days, there are many people who have expressed strong opinions from both sides regarding the recent election and there are wonderfully written pieces out there to explore. What I would like to express is the importance of supporting your local economy.

The proliferation of large stores and companies has made it easy for us to go out and get everything we “need” in one place, at a very low price and without having to interact with anyone. In many regards, it’s great. But something gets lost in that transaction. The value of the items we possess decreases and those items become disposable. The people who own the stores generate extreme profits but do not pass it down to the people who work in the stores. As not only an artist, but as a person, I find this disheartening.


Over the past few years I have made a conscious effort to think about the items I purchase and where they come from. Living in the Tiverton, RI community there are so many wonderful and talented farmers, artists, restaurants, and businesses owners to support. There are these people in every community- you just have to look for them. Sometimes it’s easy when there is a community farmers market or an art show (like the one coming up at Francis Farm on Friday & Saturday…), but sometimes you must go looking for it. Two weekends ago, I accidentally found another great farm stand just a few miles from my house that has produce, serves lunch, CSA options, and a summer concert series!


If you want to encourage the redistribution of wealth in the country, and not have it go to the top 1%- start with yourself. Shop local and support your community (go here to see more reasons).  I am not looking to take over the world selling pottery. My goal is to sell enough to support the studio and continue sharing handmade objects. I believe that using handmade objects helps to enhance everyday life. By looking at and interacting with a piece that speaks to you, you begin your day with wonder and that can lead to great things. Using those handmade objects can conjure up memories and experiences that connect people to each other. Perhaps to remind you that we’re all in this together and maybe we can leave this world better than we found it.


Shop local. Buy handmade. Experience art. It’s important.


Thank you.


My blogging skills have stuck again! It's hard to believe it's been a month since my last post...but not that hard really. In that time, I've had an open studio sale in Tiverton and attended Paradise City Arts Festival in Northampton, MA. Both were great weekends meeting new and old friends all while sharing work and stories.

Next up is a show at Francis Farm in Rehoboth, MA, followed by another Paradise City and then four weekends of Open Studios! This is the "calm before the storm" where I am re stocking inventory and making new items for the fast approaching holiday sales season.

In the meantime, I've decided to do a giveaway of one of my newest items- the ceramic travel mug! You can enter for the giveaway below. You will have a choice of color from available mugs when the contest ends. Too see a sample of the current selection, be sure to visit the Etsy store!  Thank you, and stay tuned for future giveaways coming soon!


Back to Work!

So, I still haven't gotten better about this whole blogging thing....

Regardless, September is flying by! I've been making lots of new work for the upcoming Open Studio day on October 1st (here at the Tiverton Studio) and for Paradise City Arts Festival on October 8-10.

I've been working on some new pieces and re-stocking older styles that have been sold out for a while. New piggery, horse mugs, mugs and bowls. I also been wanting to make travel mugs for quite some time and now have a good inventory to play with.

I'll also be experimenting with some new glazes in the coming weeks so stay tuned for new work and exciting things coming this fall!

The Interweb

An important part of having a business that relies on internet sales, means updating websites and stores constantly- something I have not been particularly good at in the past. Over the last two weeks, I've been busy creating this new website and adding ALL of my pieces to the Etsy store. Hopefully it will come to a good stopping point tomorrow and I can get back to making new pieces next week.

The fall holiday shopping season will be here before I know it and it will be good if I can finally get ahead of the curve this year and be prepared for sales instead of just trying to keep up. There are so many ideas I have of new pieces to make and other colors to explore. Stay tuned for the new work and items listed on Etsy.