Dahlia Celebration Weekend One

What to expect this weekend

Fall is here and the dahlias are looking better than ever. I know I keep saying that, but it's true- they just keep getting better and better! With the return of the sun, the cooler weather and the recent rain, the blooms keep coming and these flowers are in their prime. 

Lindsey Epstein and Dahlias Lindsey Epstein Dahlias

What makes dahlias so special? 

Most living organisms have two sets of chromosomes. Dahlias are different in that they octoploids which means they have eight chromosomes. Their wider range of genetic possibilities is the source of their astonishing diversity. Each dahlia seed produces a genetically unique cultivar, meaning that no two seeds are ever alike. Only tubers produce identical copies, making some types more sought after and rare. 

During this weekend's celebration, the studio will be open with new work as well as the return of the popular semi-annual seconds sale. You can take a look through the dahlia gardens to review the blooms and help you make a wish-list for next years' tubers. At 1:00 p.m. each day I will be giving an info-session on tips for growing and cutting dahlias. 

Lindsey Epstein Dahlias

What will be covered?

  • Tips for planting
  • Spacing of Plants
  • Staking/support systems
  • Pinching & Disbudding
  • Fertilizers
  • Pest Control
  • Tips for cutting 
  • Pruning

I will have some bouquets available for purchase, however, I want to leave as many blooms in the field as possible so that you can see the flowers in their glory on the plants as well. 

What's new from the studio?

Over the past month, I have continued to create new crystalline pieces and have been working to make more of the ruby colored collection. These pieces are fired an additional time after the glaze firing in my gas kiln to a lower temperature. During the firing, I reduce the amount of available oxygen, firing the fire to search for a new oxygen source. In doing so, it takes oxygen from the glaze and changes copper from green to red, creating the metallic ruby colors. 

I hope you can join me this weekend to celebrate the dahlias and pottery! Happy Fall!


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