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Raku is a form of Japanese pottery characterized by low firing temperature and the removal of pieces from the kiln while glowing hot. Typically, pieces are removed from the hot kiln and placed in a can filled combustible material (leaves, sawdust, newspaper, etc.) to provide a reducing atmosphere for the glaze and the stain the exposed clay body surface with carbon.

The raku process is known for its unpredictability, particularly when the reduction is forced and pieces may crack or even explode due to thermal shock. When all of the parts of the parts of the process come together, the result is a brilliant surface with a completely unique pattern that can never be repeated. Paired with different varieties of Tillandsias, they are a perfect compliment to any space and an easy to care for plant. 

Air Plant Care

GENERAL Tillandsia Care

Once you receive your Tillandsias they will benefit from a 2-3 hour soaking in good water (we recommend drinking water) as their journey can be stressful. Lower leaves that have naturally died back can be easily removed by pulling them down towards the base of the plant.

Indoor Care instructions

To get enough light, Tillandsias should be within 3-6 feet of a window that will provide adequate light. It is often dryer indoors so more water may be required. They should dry out within 4 hours of a watering unless you are re hydrating them with an overnight soaking. It is easiest to water indoor plants by dunking them in a bucket of good water.

It is most important to know that there is no single recipe on how to care for these plants. Your growing environment is very likely different from the one in which we grow them in. If you are new to caring for Tillandsias we suggest experimenting to see what works best for you. Tillandsias are very adaptable plants with an incredible will to survive. As long as their minimum requirements of light, airflow, temperature, and water are met they will do well.

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