Bringing clay to life

Teal Lotus Serving BowlsAll of Lindsey's functional pottery is lead-free dinnerware, microwave and dishwasher safe. Some of the stoneware and high-fire porcelain pieces can also be used as baking dishes, able to go directly into the oven. The clay bodies include stoneware and porcelain. The glazes cover the color spectrum to brighten the tablescape or your morning coffee.

Throwing a BowlEach piece is hand-made on the potter's wheel where no two are produced exactly alike. After drying to the "bone dry" state where the clay is allowed to slowly air dry, the pieces are bisque fired in an electric kiln. The pieces are the n glazed using a selection of specially formulated glazes- waiting one day between adding layers to the glazes. Once the pieces dry again, they are glaze fired and two days later a finished piece emerges from the kiln. From beginning to end, it generally takes two weeks for a piece to be completed no matter how big or small.