Guest Artist Spotlight: Ashley Ainsworth

Open Studio at Lindsey Epstein Pottery
Ashley Ainsworth


Ashley Ainsworth BoatWhen I was still new to Tiverton and the art community here (seven years ago!!), I had seen the artwork of someone who went by the name of Bertie Grace. The paintings were lively, loaded with color and full of life. I especially loved the seascapes by this painter. Upon further research and both of us being members of South Coast Artists, I found out this painter was another younger artist, Ashely Ainsworth. The more I saw of her artwork, the more I loved it.


Since then, we have shared our thoughts on the modern ways of making a living as artists, the joys and perils of social media, strategies for selling online and more. Ashley has painted some of the flowers I have grown over the years, and I am honored to have an original of some dahlias. I am also proud to have one of her seascapes that I enjoy daily and am even gazing upon as I write this post. Overall, she is a lovely person and a talented artist!

 Ashley Ainsworth Ashley Ainsworth Ashley Ainsworth Painting Ashley Ainsworth Ornaments


Ashley is a painter who lives and works in coastal Rhode Island. She works in primarily in oil and watercolor, but also explores other mediums with her work. Ashley has studied with colorists in the past and continues her journey of discovery. “For me color is entity, anima, partner. With it I explore space and form, enter conversations, and allow the opening of a story. A ‘Choose your Own Adventure’ chapter begins with each mark. There is room for me to understand my feelings and space for my audiences’ experience as well.”



Ashley Ainsworth Ornaments


Her work on display this weekend will include framed abstract pieces in watercolor and oil, along with painted silver ornaments with chiffon ties. You can view more of her work on or at the Four Corners Gallery located just down the road in Tiverton Four Corners. I hope you can join us this weekend to celebrate more local art and to find a great gift for you or a loved one.




Visit the studio December 3 & 4, 2022 from 10:00-4:00pm at 324 East Rd. in Tiverton, RI to view a variety of pottery (including more NEW crystalline!) and Ashely’s lovely work. On Saturday, several of my other artist friends in the area will have their studios open. Friends in Tiverton Four Corers are open, Don Cadoret is hosting his 30th! Annual Open House in Tiverton (Stonebridge area), Kelly Milkuas is open (just down the road) and Dot Bergen is open as well! It's like a mini Open Studio tour. 


Open Studios in Tiverton



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