Guest Artist Spotlight: Kathrine Lovell

Introducing Kathrine

Kathrine Lovell

When I think of a warm, glowing, wonderful person, the first one that comes to mind is Kathrine Lovell. Being a transplant to the Tiverton area and the art community, I didn’t really know anyone here. Once I started attending some South Coast Artists meetings, Kathrine (Kitty) served as an ambassador and greeter- encouraging me to attend more meetings and get involved. I remember when I went to drop off some of my postcards at her studio before my first tour, she was full of enthusiasm for art and the community that exists here on the South Coast.


Since that time, I began to volunteer more for SCA and discussed ideas I had to help bring SCA into the digital landscape. Kitty’s answer was always, “Yes! Let’s do it!” or “we will find a way” and we forged ahead. We had many chats in her studios (first in Tiverton Four Corners and then when she re-located to Adamsville) and I value the time we shared together discussing what it’s like to make a living as an artist and more.

Kathrine Lovell Goldfinch  Kathrine Lovell Paintings  

Kathrine Lovell Painting


All of this is just talking about how wonderful she is as a person, but she is also an extremely talented painter. Her attention to detail is extraordinary. Her intricate patterns and color choices make you question “is this a painting…?”. From her smaller paintings to the large ones, her wood block prints and everything else she creates, you are sure to be dazzled by her work. I am thrilled to host Kitty in the studio this weekend as she returns to in-person studio sales for the first time since the pandemic!

Kathrine Lovell works in her studio in the backyard of her home in Tiverton RI, where she lives with her wife and three dogs. She has a painting degree from RISD, where was also an instructor. She is a former board member and current artist member of the South Coast Artists Open Studio Tour. She has been an educator for over 2 decades and is currently teaching out of her studio and at the Handicraft Club in Providence RI. Her work can be found worldwide through licensing agreements with Wild Apple of Woodstock Vermont, and Plum Gallery in Saint Augustine FL and the Drawing Room in New Bedford MA.


This weekend, December 10 & 11, 2022 from 10:00-4:00pm, she will have a selection of small paintings sized 4 x 4 inches to 12 x 12 inches, created using acrylic paint and gold leaf and metallic inks available in the studio. The paintings combine geometric pattern with images of the natural world, (birds, small critters, and plant forms) along with holiday themed botanical images of Holly, Mistletoe, and Jasmine.  She will also have several large pieces, single and multi-paneled paintings in acrylic and gold leaf.  Also available will be framed, color woodblock prints of birds and nature.

 Guest Artist Kathrine Lovell





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