Tulip Report

They're finally here- the first tulips of 2021!

After a long winter, spring has begun to emerge with new life and bountiful blooms for us to enjoy. The warm weather from last week gave a jump start to the tulips and some of the early varieties are ready to be picked for bouquets. Pickup is available anytime from the studio porch on your selected date from 9am-6pm (although earlier in the day is recommended, especially if it is a warm day). Shipping is NOT AVAILABLE for tulips. 

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My goal is only to pick the best best tulips for you, so I do not want to overpromise & underdeliver on quality blooms for you. There is a chance I might be able to pick more, so if you are in need, you can always send me a message or email to inquire about availability.

Studio Pickup

Be sure to select "Studio Pick-up" under the Delivery Method section at checkout. Tulips are not eligible for shipping. If you do pay for shipping costs, they will be refunded. 

In order to ensure the best quality and vase life for your blooms, they will be picked early in the morning and before the blooms have fully opened. Some buds might look small, but they will continue to grow once you get them home & enjoy. 

How to get the best vase life out of your flowers:

  1. Keep cut flowers out of direct sunlight, protect from heat and drafts and add cold water as needed.
  2. Start with a clean vase as bacteria in a dirty vase can shorten the life of your flowers.
  3. Cold fresh water works best. Avoid adding gin, vodka or pennies to the tulip water, brushing the blooms with egg whites or piercing the stems just under the bloom. None of these “home remedies” has ever proved to have any real benefits.
  4. To keep cut tulips fresh and vigorous, be sure to keep the water in the vase “topped off” with fresh cold water every day or two.
  5. Flowers kept in a cool location in a room will last much longer.
  6. Change the water completely every couple of days to prolong your flower’s life. This will also prevent harmful levels of bacteria from developing in the water. 
  7. Fresh cut tulips are geotropic and phototropic, meaning that their growth is affected by gravity and light, respectively.
  8. Blooms will always curve upwards and bend towards sources of light. If you find your cut flowers bending, make sure that they are not searching for the only light in the room.

Other notes: Before combining cut tulips and daffodils in one vase, make sure to place daffodils in their own water first for 4-8 hours; if you don’t, the sap like liquid that daffodils emit will plug the tulip stem and ruin your tulip flowers.

 Dahlia Tuber Update 

Still planning our your summer garden? I have mixed value bags of dahlia tubers and select individual varieties. Shop the tubers here.  Thank you so much to everyone who has already placed an order- your support keeps the dream alive! 



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